PayPalHereI got invited to a Constant Contact marketing workshop called Rev Up Your Revenue held at PayPal headquarters. They offered a presentation on how to take full advantage of Constant Contact features and products, a PayPal Here card reader, a tour of the PayPal Commerce Innovation Showcase and lunch. Fair deal.

The most valuable part of the event was to learn from such a variety of small businesses. It was also extremely insightful on a personal level. Lately, I am very used to attending presentations and conferences from the translation and localization industry where pretty much everyone understands what the other one does. It was so refreshing to go into a different crowd and see my job through their eyes, even if that required pointing out that I do not currently work at the UN. Bummer!

Thanks to Corissa St. Laurent for an informative session and to PayPal for spoiling us. That tour was terrific! I felt like such an insider learning everything that is yet to come. Oh, and I accept credit cards now!

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