DianaA very common regret I hear from fellow translators is how lonely this profession can get. We even joke about how awkward our social skills become and how working in the most comfortable pajamas should be ergonomically justified. I hear of this because I’ve had the privilege of meeting, sharing and learning with my colleagues ever since I joined the NCTA back in 2011, when I discovered I wasn’t alone at all. Besides a sense of belonging that would make Maslow warm inside, my membership has provided more opportunities than I anticipated. I have attended the educational workshops I originally signed up for, as well as the networking events that have resulted in fruitful connections and all the more special friendships.

I have been given the chance to contribute to Translorial and to volunteer as a host of the South Bay Happy Hour. I’ve also been involved in the organization of local meetings for translators in the San Jose area where I have witnessed these professional networks spark work collaborations and study groups.

I am honored to be invited to run as Director. I would be pleased to promote gatherings that make those prolific encounters available to all members, strengthen communications and camaraderie among us, and help make the most out of our membership.

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